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Builders Hoist SC200/200G

Load Capacity

Performance Parameters   

TYPERated loadRated speedMotor powerControlMax.Lift height
SC200/200G-90V2.0 t0~90m/min2 x 3x 18.5(32) kwInverter500 m
SC300/300G-90V3.0 t0~90m/min2 x 3x 22(38) kwInverter500 m

Mast section 

TypeDimensionsMain chord specifications
ST65.1650x650x1508 mmΦ76x4.5 mm
ST65.2650x650x1508 mmΦ76x6 mm
ST65.3650x650x1508 mmΦ76x8 mm
ST65.4650x650x1508 mmΦ76x10 mm
Builders Hoist SC200/200G

Transmission mechanism   

TYPEMotorGears box
TypeTransmission rationRemarks
SC200/200G-90V(2t)180MH4 BRE250 FHLSK9042.1VF VL2i=11.4Bevel gear
SC300/300G-90V(3t)180MH4 BRE250 FHLSK9052.1VF VL2i=11.4Bevel gear

Mast section composed of different heights


Builders Hoist SC200/200G

Mast compositionMax.distance on the anchoragesMax. boom height
HT(m)Mast sectionHT(m)H1(m)HT(m)H2(m)

Relative parameter might be adjusted. Final parameter is subject to its instruction manual.

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