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Warm Congratulations on the Delivery of Luffing Crane LTC6053-24 to Hong Kong Customer

Sep. 26, 2020

We are proud to announce that the large luffing tower crane model LTC6053-24 ordered by a Hong Kong customer has been completed and delivered to the customer after three months of fine production. Hong Kong is a high-end market with strict equipment management in a narrow area and has higher requirements for tower cranes than general international standards. After good communication with customer, all departments of Yatai Company worked together to improve the technology and finally completed the contract on time. After the customer's inspection, the configuration and operation of the Yatai tower crane perfectly met customer expectations. The launch of this model of tower crane has given Yatai an important position in the manufacturing of large-tonnage tower cranes. At present, the entire machine has been shipped and transported by sea to the customer's construction site.

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